Sea Salt Soap

Due to some problems with FrontPage, I was not able to get these new bar soaps up for sale on the website, but you can read about them here or come into my shop to buy some!

When correctly made, salt soaps soften your skin with out being over-drying.  These bar soaps are smooth like a river rock, super hard and have a creamy yet bubbly lather.  These bars gently slough off dry skin that is inevitable during summer months.  The bar feels smooth on the skin, except our Pineapple bar (see below). They make great deodorant and antiperspirant bars because they keep your under arms feeling dryer when compared to washing with a regular bar soap.

Since these bars contain such a large amount of salt, it may slightly sting freshly shaving skin or areas of broken skin and cuts.

We currently carry these summer delights in three different fragrances:
Pearberry - a strong pear scent with extra notes of sweetness
Melon - a fresh watermelon scent
Pineapple - a delicious pineapple scent with light notes of coconut.  This bar soap is also made with coarse ground Dead Sea salt to give the bar some grittiness!

For now, we will only be making these bars available to you for the summer months.  Get 'em while they're hot!

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