New Website

We're excited to launch our new website!  Here are some of the cool new features we have:
  • Coupon codes - it's now easier for our online shoppers to take advantage of deals and discounts that were previously given to customers at our store front in Milwaukee, WI.  We randomly post codes on our Facebook page, Twitter account and through our newsletter.
  • Wishlist -  you can now create an account and start a wish list
  • Registry - you can create a Halo Soap registry if you are registered at WishPot.com
  • MyRewards - we now have a rewards program where every dollar you spend gains points that can be used towards gift certificates for future purchases.
  • Deal of the Day - we are going to start offering a Deal of this Day.  This will typically be 30% off the regular price of that days item.

Our new website is a constantly changing project.  Over the next few months, we will be adding our line of soy candles, Brethren of the Coast Skin Care for Men and adding to some of our existing product lines.

We will also be implementing an Affiliate program.  If you have a blog or website where you'd like to make money by linking to us, please contact us if you are interested in being one of our first affiliates.

Halloween Inspired Bar Soap

We have two new soaps at Halo Soap - with some spooky Halloween style labels!

Poison - Created with an eerie yellow-green color similar to what you would imaging brewing in a witches cauldron under the full moon. Unlike this name suggests, this soap will not poison you! It will actually moisturize your skin quite nicely and leave you with a pleasant scent.

Reaper - Created with wisps of purple color like the eerie mist luring the reaper to your doorstep! This bar soap is made with a sweet, white floral fragrance, reminiscent of a gentle calm before the storm of the Grimm reaper coming for his next victim!