Hemp Seed Oil Products

We have a new line of hemp oil based products at the shop!

Currently, we carry 4 scents of hemp butter and a hemp mud mask.  Coming soon, we will have three flavors of hemp oil lip balm including: Sweet Patchouli, Blood Orange and Chai Tea.  Yum!

Hemp Butter
 Hemp oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids.  It is healing, balances dry skin and fights skin inflammation.  Hemp oil is non-greasy, emollient and moisturizing with excellent anti-aging and moisture balancing properties.  But hemp isn't the only awesome ingredient in this butter!  There is also a massive helping of shea butter and cocoa butter, along with avocado oil which helps to naturally increase collagen production.

Hinoki Wood - warm essences of blondewood, cedar and patchouly are enhanced with vanilla musk, cinnamon, clove and uplifted with notes of fresh eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossom, jasmine and rose.
Hippie - a beautifully complex Asian-inspired fragrance with notes of orange flower, Japanese lily, ylang-ylang and amber
Nag Champa - a sweetened version of Nag Champa incense, this is a great scent that both men and women love. It has a sweet, slightly woodsy smell that many people describe as calming, warming, and moist. For some, the smell is reminiscent of jasmine or magnolia flowers, the forest, or even tea.
Patchouli - the ever popular, typical 'dirty hippie' scent.  This one is scented with essential oil which is made directly from the plant so you know there won't be any sweet notes like you usually find in patchouli fragrance oils.

You can purchase any of these four hemp butters or one of our hemp clay masks at the shop, through the website or on Etsy!

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