Choosing Handmade Soap: Why You Should Grab From The Front

Everyone does it. They grab from the back, dig through to reach the bottom of the pile, all because they want the freshest, newest product on the shelves.

Not cool when it comes to handmade soap.

Soap that isn't commercially created retains a lot of its natural moisture from the soap making process.  Soap crafters often let their sudsy creations site for weeks to months before wrapping the goods for their shelves.  This is mostly because letting the bar "cure" gives you a milder product.  Another reason is to make sure the bar is nice a hard before the consumer starts using it.

Many people tend to want the newly created bars.  At Halo Soap and Products, all customers who want to purchase these specific bars are told that they should wait to use the bar after they get home.  The longer a handmade bar of soap sits, the harder and drier it gets, meaning it will last longer for you as you begin to use it.  When you try to grab the newer bars, they may not last as long when you take them home to start using them.  Longer lasting bars make happier customers!

All bar soap should be left to dry well between uses.  Sitting in standing water will make the bar mushy at your next attempt at use and you will not get to use the bar to its full extent.  People also tent to throw away bar slivers as they become too thin to wash with.  Instead, just wet the next bar you will be using and mash the already used, wet sliver of soap on to the new bar.  After a few times of using these bars together, the suds will make them stick and you'll be able to use every last bit of that handmade soapy goodness.

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