Making Transparent Soap

Today I decided to try making transparent soap.

Usually I use the cold process method, but for making transparent soap, I use the hot process method. I start by measuring my oils and lye and dumping it all into the crock pot.

After a while of cooking, it starts to get chunky looking.

I keep letting the soap cook. It starts to get vaseline looking.

After testing the pH, I remove half of the soap, colour it green, add some fragrance and plop it into my mold

Now that I have half of the soap left in the crock pot, I start by adding the ingredients to make the soap transparent.

In the picture below, I've started to add the Everclear. You can see it starting to bubble as the alcohol starts to burn off. I put the cover on to keep as much in as as possible.

As the soap dissolves in the Everclear, I add the rest of the Everclear and some liquid glycerin. After the soap turns clear and watery and the bubble from mixing disipate, I add a mixture of sugar water. The soap is clear and ready for the mold!

I color it and add fragrance and pour it into the mold on top of the opaque soap from earlier.

Usually my logs of soap easily slide out of the mold, but this one was a little difficult. I had to take the whole mold apart to get the log out and it left some of the transparent soap behind! I'm going to have to scrape all that off before I put the mold back together.  Next time, I'll use a different mold!

You can see the soap has a transparent layer on top and an opaque layer on the bottom. It turned out pretty good for my first try!

Nice and transparent!

Hopefully I'll get this method down and I can start making this soap in larger batches!


Aromatherapy Soy Candle Tins

I've decided to used up some tins I had laying around and do a small line of aromatherapy candles. I'm only making enough to use up the tins so get them before they are gone! You can buy these candles here.

This is my Cedarwood Patchouli scented candle. I is a nice woodsy unisex scent. These essentials oils are said to be appeasing, calming and purifying.

This is my Cinnamon, Cassia and Clove candle. It smells just like chai tea! These essential oils are said to be stimulating, reviving and an aphrodisiac. Hot!

This is my Chamomile candle. It's VERY lightly scented. Just a hint of chamomile which is said to be balancing, relaxing and comforting.

This is my Grapefruit Peppermint candle. Sounds like an odd combo at first, but is smells pleasantly refreshing! And stimulating... and uplifting...

This is my Cedar, Lavender, Patchouli and Rose candle. Smells like a sweet, yummy flower garden. The patchouli adds just a hint of dirt making you feel like you are laying in a patch of flowers! These oils are said to be soothing, calming and an anti-depressant.

Lastly, here is my Lime Lemongrass candle. It's sweet and tart and fresh. These essential oils are said to refresh the mind, to be stimulating and restorative. Spectacular!

So there you have it. My new small line of Aromatherapy Soy Candles. Look for more candles and other great products at www.halosoap.com.

Peace out,


Welcome to my Halo Soap Blog!

For my first post, I've decided to put up pictures of some soap making. This batch I'm creating is my Citrus Splash handmade soap. It smells so delicious! This is one of my more difficult batches to make because of the layers.

First I start with lining my mold. Grandpa made all my molds for me. Thanks, Abuelito!

Now I measure out my water and lye. I do this first because it takes a while for the lye water to cool to the right temperature.

Next I start measuring out my oils. Here I'm measuring out some palm oil. I love how smooth and creamy this oil looks. I want to smoosh my hands in it!

Here I am checking temperatures, getting ready to mix my oils and lye!

Getting ready to add the fragrance! It's so delicious and sweet!

Now I'm pouring the last layer into the mold. Then I will cover it and let it sit over night. In the morning, I can unmold the soap and cut it into yummy little bars. Unfortunately, the bars need to cure for at least a month before they can be used :(

In the middle of the picture, you can see a sample of my Coffee scented soap. I'll put a post up when I make that one!

This delicious soap can be purchased at my website! www.halosoap.com