Crocheted Flowers

We've got a new project going here at Halo Soap - crocheted flowers!  These cute, floppy flowers measure 5-6 inches across and are attached to a small clip.  You can put them on your hair, on your purse, on a hat - be creative!  They are made with 100% cotton yarn and we'll soon have them in tons of colors.  Check out our yarn stash we'll be using to make the first round of these little gems:
Keep a look out for these flowers to go on sale at our shop.  You can also join our mailing list for updates on new products.


Vegan Lip Tints

These vegan lip tints were a blast to make!  I hate wearing lip stick but I love lip balm that is tinted.  It's great because it gives you lips just a hint of color an it's nice a glossy.  At Halo Soap, we've decided to start with three different tints to see how our customers like them.

To better see the colors, here is a skin swatch:

This fun  new product can be purchased from our website.


Glycerin Soap Cubes

 We now have new glycerin soap cubes at Halo Soap!  These funky little guys are made with an all natural glycerin soap base.  Most glycerin soap bases, especially those that are 'crystal clear' are made with over 25% synthetic detergents and cleansers.  At Halo Soap, we strive to bring our customers the most natural products possible so we were really excited to find this 100% natural glycerin soap base!  

Glycerin soap is great because glycerin is a natural humectant making it extra moisturizing for your skin.  This recipe also has safflower seed oil and castor oil, which penetrates the stratum corneum (outer most layer) of your skin to moisturize deep down.

We have over 2 dozen different scents and colors available.  Check out some of our favorites!

If you would like to purchase our glycerin soap cubes you can do so here.