New Essential Oil Bar Soap

An herbaceous soap with hints of citrus and mint. BUY HERE.
Notes of spruce, fir, cypress and pine with undertones of cedarwood. BUY HERE.

A lovely blend of citrus and ginger with hints of spice. BUY HERE.


New Candle Scents

Two new amazing candles scents are now available at our shop!

We're already selling the Nectarine and Coral, so stop in and get yours before they are gone :)


Tea Tree Acne Products

We now have two new acne products:
Tea Tree Acne Toner - helps remove excess oils from the skin while tea tree oil kills bacteria.  You can read more and purchase it here.

Tea Tree Acne Serum with Salicylic Acid - a light weight oil based moisturizer/acne treatment. You can use this product either as a moisturizer after washing and applying toner, or as a spot treatment.  You can read more and purchase it here.
The full set of Tea Tree Skin Care products can be purchased here.

In other news... we will be launching a new e-commerce website in the coming months!  In the mean time, we will not be updating our website, but listing all new items on Etsy.