Time for Tea

It's chilly out. Day light hours are getting shorter. That means it's time for tea.

At Halo Soap, we use Rishi tea to make a handful of our products - a few types of soap, lotion, lip balm - and we have so much of the delicious stuff we drink it as well!

Today I'm drinking the White Rose Melange sweetened with natural rock sugar.  It's just the right amount of sweeteness, floral and mint.

With the holidays approaching, we're getting more and more clients on a daily basis.  Our customers can now enjoy a sip of some delicious Rishi tea while browsing our products!

We'll have some nice warm tea available on weekends at Halo Soap in Bay View.


Halo Bay View
2227 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Bay View, WI 53207  


Mature Skin Serum

A beautiful, soft and silky serum for the delicate skin on your face.

It's been a while coming but we finally present to you Halo Elite Botanicals Mature Skin Serum. 100% natural!

This serum starts as a maceration of herbs and botanicals in a golden, organic sunflower oil.
  • Ginger root - to increase skins radiance, decreases inflammation and blocks free radicals
  • hibiscus flower - also called the 'botox plant'
  • elderberry - contains skin tightening components
  • green tea - an antioxidant to block free radicals

We then add a blend of luxury oils to boost the skin benefits of the organic sunflower oil.
  • argan oil - this 'liquid gold' is said to have restorative and anti-aging benefits
  • andiroba oil - a great oil for all skin types and specifically chosen for its skin healing benefits
  • pomegranate seed oil - in addition to antioxidant protection (as with all seed oils), this oil is said to help revive damaged skin cells

This product is topped off with a blend of essential oils said to help in the area of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Read more and get some here!


Working on Grand Opening Invites

I went camping in the Dells this past weekend.  It was nice to get away from the hectic days of preparing to open a second shop.  However, I had invites to work on!  I worked on them during the 2 hour drive up there, the 2 hour drive back AND in the mornings!

I wanted to finish off these fancy invites with a wax seal:
It didn't take long to get a hang of it.  I should start wax sealing everything!  It was a lot of fun :)

Here's the result of wax sealing for a bit in the morning before tubing.  You can see how each one is obviously handmade.  There's such a variety between the seals!

It wasn't ALL work.  I did enjoy some wine and snacks while working:

The end result? Beautiful invites for our Grand Opening Event!


More Coaster Classes

We've scheduled 4 more coaster classes!

Sunday, July 14th from 10am - 12pm
Sunday, July 14th from 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Thursday, July 18th from 5pm - 7pm
Tuesday, July 23rd from 6pm - 8pm

Eventbrite - Alcohol Ink Coaster Workshop


Felted Soap

We have some exciting new soap felting workshops coming up soon!

Felting is where you take a bar of soap, wrap it in wool, then "felt" the wool around the soap.  You can then add designs to your felted soap using a felting needle.

We've already got some of these little guys trending on Twitter with the hashtag #wheresFelty.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to find out when these workshops will be happening!  We'll also be offering take home kits so you can make these little guys at home.


What Does the Halo Soap Store Front Look Like??

A lot of people ask us what our store front looks like.  Well, here are some pictures! This past holiday season, we got an adorable chandelier installed as well as four wall sconces.  These are on dimmer switches.  When we host our Twilight Shopping Nights, we turn off the big ceiling lights and have a lovely ambiance with the chandelier and sconces.  Makes for a great night out with friends!  The chandelier dangles above our body lotion and body butter table.

You can see our tote tree in the second picture which is painted on the wall right when you walk in.  The "leaves" are our collection of tote bags.

In the second picture, you can also see our bath bombs.  We load up jars with dozens of bath bombs and customers can pick and choose which bombs they wish to purchase.

In the third picture, you can see all of our soy candles and bar soaps.  We create both essential oil and fragrance oil bar soaps.

In the last picture, you can see our check out counter and our website across the back wall.

Alcohol Ink Coasters

We've finally got things ready to launch Alcohol Ink Coaster Classes at our storefront in Cudahy, WI.  If you are in the greater Milwaukee area and are interested in taking one of our classes, read on!

Our classes will be taught by Melissa of Modern Ideation.  You should check out her Facebook page and Etsy site!

You can sign up for classes below or go to our event page for more information.
We look forward to seeing you at one of our first three classes!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

On May 4th, 2013 the Halo Soap family participated in the Making Strides against breast cancer walk at veterans park. We met a lot of fun people including a group supporting their friend who is a survivor!

We would love it if more people wanted to walk with us next year! Email stacie@halosoap.com if you are in the Milwaukee area and would like to walk with us and/or help us raise money.


Himalayan Pink Grapefruit Salt Soap

We're finally bringing the salt soaps back!  For our first batch this season, we've created a lovely Himalayan Pink Grapefruit Salt Soap.  We've used a tart pink grapefruit fragrance oil blended with a more floral citrus note.  This batch is made with tons and tons of pink Himalayan salt.

Salt soaps are super hard bars of soap and feel like a smooth river stone when you use them.  They are great deodorizing bars and help keep the surface of your skin dry in the warm summer months.  Best of all, we've formulated our soap so that it has a nice bubbly lather with out drying out your skin!

Here is a picture of this soap in the mold.  Your typical batch of cold process soap needs to sit in the mold for close to a day before it can be unmolded and cut into bars.  This is not the case with salt soaps!  Since the bars become so hard, they are difficult to cut and crumble if you wait too long!  This batch was cut with in a few hours of unmolding it.  This process has to be done very carefully so that the log isn't dented too much during handling.  We are only able to make this soap in 10 bar batches at a time.  It's a time consuming process, especially when trying to keep up with orders, but the final result is well worth the trouble!

Here is a picture of the beautiful color of the pink Himalayan salt that we use in this soap.

Watch our Etsy shop and our website for this soap to be available for purchase!


Chocolate Bacon Lip Balm

We're working on getting a chocolate bacon lip balm blended to perfection!
~ Our first test run was very light. Not much "flavor", but you could definitely smell a sweet, smoky chocolate on you lips.
~ Our second test run was a bit stronger, and the flavor was slightly more prevalent after adding a sweetener. 

If you'd like to sample this lip balm and let us know what you think, use coupon code BACON at www.halosoap.com and you'll get a free one with any purchase over $10. While supplies last!