Liquid Soap is Finally at Halo Soap

Finally, we have liquid soap in stock at the shop!  It's been a long time in the formulation process, but we I've finally created a nice basic liquid soap recipe with a nice bubbly lather.  This is a basic recipe of coconut and olive oils and as always, scented with yummy fragrance oils.  Most of the scents used on  these new liquid soaps can be found in other products at our shop.  
Currently, we have the following scents in stock: Mauna Loa Volcano, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Red Clover Tea, Plumeria, Soapy Clean, Lemon Verbena and Nag Champa.
They come in an 8 ounce plastic bottle with a pump.  And the bottle is recyclable! (#1)
Read more about our new liquid soap on www.halosoap.com


It's Back! Sweet Seduction Bar Soap

This bar soap is so popular and it's back on the shelves!

I only make this beauty two or three times a year so when it's in stock, you should probably get it before it's too late!

Not only is this bar soap wonderful to look at, not only does it smell absolutely heavenly but this limited edition bar soap is loaded with extra special moisturizing oils to make it a real luxury bar of soap. Avocado oil helps nourish sun damaged skin and to rejuvenate maturing skin. Jojoba oil has an antioxidant effect on your skin as well as aiding in treating psoriasis and eczema. Lanolin restores softness and elasticity to dry and damaged skin. Activated charcoal removes impurities from the skin and finally, raw sugar is added to gently scrub away dead skin and leave you feeling soft, moisturized and delicious smelling!

This bar can be purchased through the Halo Soap Bath and Body Products home page.


New Batches of Bath Bombs

We just got a nice new batch of bath bombs in the shop!

Have you ever heard of Lush Handmade Cosmetics?  They make some pretty spectacular bath bombs and other bath and body goodies.  But have you seen the outrageous prices on their products? Our bath bombs are just as wonderful and at a fraction of the price!  Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Our bath bombs are made with almond oil for moisture and epsom salts to make a great bath soak!  What was that?  You don't usually take baths?  Then smash up one of our amazing bath bombs and use them for a foot soak!  After smashing it up, one bath bomb can be good for 2-3 foot soaks depending on how potent you like the water.

We just brought three new batches into the shop: Citrus Splash, Juniper Breeze and Red Clover Tea.  All scents are super strong and delicious.  You can also get matching scents in other products!  Citrus Splash Bar Soap is one of our most popular soaps.  Red Clover Tea Soy Jar Candles or Moon Melts make a room smell wonderful.  Juniper Breeze can also be purchased in body butter and body lotion.

You can find more information about our products on the website.
Or if you live in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, come to our brick and motar shop!


Charlotte Kovac Art Now At Halo Soap

At Halo Soap, we now carry whimsical art by Charlotte Kovac.  We have prints and originals so stop by and check out some of her art work! Prices range from $6 - $24
For questions about her art, please contact Charlotte at cestmoi2242@aol.com


Etsy Treasury

One of my product listings made it into an Etsy treasury.  Go check it out!  Etsy is a great place to buy unique handmade gifts.
Mind your own beeswax! Treasury on Etsy

If you like any of these great handmade items, you can follow the link to Etsy and make your purchase!


Jasmine Bar Soap

For a while now, people have been asking me for jasmine scented products.  I started with a few jasmine candles and I now have jasmine soap!  It has a light, beautiful smell and gorgeous deep purple swirls through out.
You can purchase this delicious soap now through my website or stop in my shop and smell it in person!


Beer Soap

I finally got some awesome beer soap in stock at my shop!  I've been wanting to get beer soap in here for a while now, and I thought that having it in time for Father's Day would be perfect!

Benefits of Beer Soap
Soap made with beer is great for your skin.  Hops adds a relaxing benefit to soap and soothes irritated skin.  Beer contains anti-bacterial polyphenols and skin softening amino acids.  Also, the benefits of any ingredient used in the beer making process comes out in the soap as well!  This means all the antioxidant properties of any fruits put into the beer transfers its antioxidant properties to the bar soap.  Beer has been used for years in hair care as well.

Blueberry - Blue Dawg Brewing Wild Blue Lager
Lemon Verbena - Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
Nag Champa - Guinness Draught
Pineapple - Lakefront Brewery Wheat Monkey
Raspberry - Milwaukee Brewing Co. Flaming Damsel
Unscented - New Glarus Brewing Co. Totally Naked

 They are the same price as the regular bar soap ($5 each/4 for $18) or I'm offering a 6 pack special where you can get one of each bar for $25.


Getting the back room ready

The back room at my shop was a little grungy looking so I decided to give it a make over with some paint.  I didn't want to teal green from the front of the shop to extend to the back and make it look to dark, so I painted the back room white.  However, there's the line between the teal and white I needed to deal with.  How do I deal with it?  I paint a fun little swirl and call it a day!


Gift Baskets for Mother's Day

Are you looking for a great gift for your mom for Mother's Day?  Come to Halo Soap and we'll help you put a great gift basket together!  Just give us a price range, we'll ask you a few questions about the type of things mom likes and we'll put together a special gift basket that your mother will love.  We are offering the basket for free when you purchase all the goodies that go in it!

We have a few of these gift baskets already put together at the shop for your convience.

 There is more information about these individual gift baskets on the Halo Soap Flickr site.

Stop by today and get your mom and gift for Mother's Day!
5601 S Pennsylvania Ave Ste. 8
Cudahy, WI 53110


Soy Wax Moon Melts

It's time I do a post on these fancy little guys.  They are just like those wax tarts you put in a tart warmer.  You know what I'm talking about, some are electric, some have an unscented tealight lit underneath the tart bowl.  But who says we have to use boring old tarts?  At Halo Soap, I've created these adorable little Moon Melts!  They are even bigger than some of your typical wax tarts and at an even better price!  I currently carry them in 10 different scents.  Stop by the shop and pick some up or check them out online!


Tons of Totes

Today I've decided to do two posts.  This one is about the awesome totes I have in the shop.

These totes are handmade using thick, quality fabric in pretty colours and textures.  They are lined on the inside in a fun, complimenting color.  The handles are reinforced with boning so they are super strong!   Those that are made from a solid coloured leather material have a cute tie on the outside to really make the tote pop.

Here is a close up of some of the totes we currently have in the shop.

If you are interested in purchasing one and don't live near the store, please contact me through the website.

Body Butter

Today I finished scenting and packing a small batch of body butter.  I say "small" because I left a large amount unscented so people can now come in and mix their own body butter scent! Awesome, right? (The above picture is a snap shot of the body lotion I also make:)

As you can see from the picture below, my body butter is nice and thick and it goes on smooth and creamy!
And now each shelf is jam packed with wonderful lotion and butter!
If you are looking for a particular scent of if you want to mix your own scent, you can come into the shop to mix your own scent, or order online.


More Aprons!

This time I decided to make a waist only apron, with out the bib portion.  I used a cute apple and pear material with a medium powder blue background.  The contrasting colour is a pale yellow which brings out the colour in some of the apples on the patterned side of the apron.  

Here is a close up of the apple/pear pattern:

This apron is also two reversible so you can choose a side to fit your mood!

Tomorrow I will hopefully be working on another apron using a pretty paisley material I found.  I just need to find a good contrasting fabric!  If all else fails, there's always some good knitting to be done.