Late Night Soap Shop

Tonight, I'm at the shop making soap pretty late.

Here I am drilling my mold back together.  There were some problems with the last batch getting the slab of soap to come lose.  I had to break down part of the mold to get it out.

Now I'm lining the mold.  Getting the paper nice and straight!

I melt my oils individually and pour them all into the big soap bucket.  Here I'm doing olive oil.  You can see the big can of olive oil on the table.

After blending the oils and lye water (in this case lye beer because this is a batch of beer soap) the soap starts to reach trace.  A little more blending and we should be good!

Finally, the soap is ready to be poured into the mold!  After this, I wait a little bit until the soap solidifies to the point that it isn't liquid anymore.  Then I'm able to plastic wrap the mold and cover it with layers of towels to slowly cool.

If you are in the area driving by after hours and notice the open sign is still on, odds are there is soap making going on.  Stop in and see the soap making in action!