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For my first post, I've decided to put up pictures of some soap making. This batch I'm creating is my Citrus Splash handmade soap. It smells so delicious! This is one of my more difficult batches to make because of the layers.

First I start with lining my mold. Grandpa made all my molds for me. Thanks, Abuelito!

Now I measure out my water and lye. I do this first because it takes a while for the lye water to cool to the right temperature.

Next I start measuring out my oils. Here I'm measuring out some palm oil. I love how smooth and creamy this oil looks. I want to smoosh my hands in it!

Here I am checking temperatures, getting ready to mix my oils and lye!

Getting ready to add the fragrance! It's so delicious and sweet!

Now I'm pouring the last layer into the mold. Then I will cover it and let it sit over night. In the morning, I can unmold the soap and cut it into yummy little bars. Unfortunately, the bars need to cure for at least a month before they can be used :(

In the middle of the picture, you can see a sample of my Coffee scented soap. I'll put a post up when I make that one!

This delicious soap can be purchased at my website! www.halosoap.com

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