Tea To Your Health!

At the shop, we go crazy for our daily dose of tea. We use a variety of teas from Rishi Tea to create some of our products like our popular Chai Tea bar soap and Green Tea Antioxidant Body Scrub along with other tea themed products. 

You can't have just one cup of tea. I can't, anyways! What do I like to use to make a larger amount of loose leaf tea? Well, when I'm at home I don't mine using my various tea tools - my Tea-Rex loose leaf infuser, my cast iron tea pot - but when I'm at the shop I don't have time to mess around with my daily tea ritual. I use a coffee maker!

I know certain teas should be brewed at specific temperatures and steeped for various amounts of time, but so far every tea I have tested has been quite tasty!

Here's my basic cup of tea:
  • 32 ounces or 4 cups of water + 4 tablespoon of tea (my favorite is Organic White Rose Melange)
  • Run the coffee pot
  • For sweetened tea, I add 1 teaspoon local honey to a mug and top it off with the freshly brewed tea
  • For an added boost, I add a drop or two of one of my favorite EO "drink" blends!
IMPORTANT NOTE: There are lots of articles online listing the pros and cons of using essential oils in water for ingesting. There are a lot more articles from some of the leaders in essential oil education. The general consensus among these professions is that essential oils in water is not a good form of consumption, specifically because oil does not dissolve in water. That being said, I do it anyway. I do it very seldom. And I do it when it's for a purpose.

What are some of your favorite types of tea to drink?

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