Maker Monday: Foaming Bath Frosting + Recipe + Give Away

Foaming Bath Frosting is a creamy, yummy smelling type of body wash that has a neat texture and gives you lots of bubbles! We wanted to create a product that was fun to make and easy to customize. As you can see in the pictures above, this product creates some nice bubbles and really creates a fluffy lather when used with a bath puff! Here's a look into how easy it is to create this product.

We started by scooping the base into our mixing bowl.

To the bath frosting base we add our fragrance oil. This particular batch uses a sweet floral scent we use for special projects around the shop!

I wanted to add a little bit of color to this batch. We're going for a nice light pink.

The pink is a little dark after a few seconds of blending, but after this product is done being whipped to a fluffy texture, the color will significantly lighten!

Here is the foaming bath frosting after all the scent and color is whipped in.

Look at that lovely texture! It's so light and fluffy and smells amazing.

Lee's Simple Steps for DIY Bath Frosting
Ready to make your own bath frosting? We're going to link you to Wholesale Supplies Plus for a one stop shop to get everything you'll need. Here's what you need to make one pound of bath frosting:
  1. scoop out 16 ounces of room temperature Foaming Bath Whip base into your mixing bowl (unless you've purchased the 1lb single jar, then use the whole thing!)
  2. add up to 16 mL of your fragrance or essential oil of choice, more or less based on preference
  3. add 1-4 drops of color if you would like
  4. if you will be using a moisturizing oil, add 1-3 teaspoons. Melt the oil if you are using one that is solid at room temperature
  5. Start mixing! Use the mixing attachements in the off position to mix everything around a bit so you don't splash ingredients out of the bowl. Then start whipping everything on medium to high for 3-8 minutes until it's all blended! Half way through mixing, use a spatula or spoon to scrape the sides of your bowl.
  6. Package your final product. We suggest a plastic jar to avoid slipping and breaking in the shower. You can use jars from WSP, a plastic tub you have at home or even a zip lock bag with the end clipped like a piping bag.
There are additional instructions and recipes at Wholesale Supplies Plus for using the Foaming Bath Whip.

Wholesale Supplies Plus is a great place to order ingredients for small projects like this. They offer small quantities of ingredients and free shipping on orders over $40. Usually they are a one-stop-shop for weekend projects!
We'll be sending samples of our Foaming Bath Frosting with online orders over $25 starting March 14th, 2016 until we run out. Click here to get some awesome Halo products and your sample of Foaming Bath Frosting.
Did you receive a sample of the Foaming Bath Frosting from Halo Soap? Let us know how you liked it in the comments!

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