Maker Monday: Rainbow Soap

Once a year, I make a Rainbow Soap that sells out in a few weeks. Every time I make it, I play around with the colors and fragrance. I think this years Rainbow Soap has one of the best scents yet!

Scent Notes: melon, white florals, apricots, juicy apples
Color notes: We did a blend of mica from various suppliers, a white mica pencil line and topped the soap with glitter. The blue turned out a little darker than I would have liked. The pencil lines didn't show up that well so I'll skip those next time. Also, the iridescent glitter takes away from the bright red color portion. Next year - red glitter!!

This soap will be ready for sale at our storefront on Bay View Gallery Night on Friday, June 5th 2015. If we still have some left over after the night, we'll put them up for sale on our website!

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