Maker Monday: Lemon Cuticle Butter

Today we are making one of our hot sellers: Lemon Cuticle Butter. We go through hundreds of these during the holidays!


Our Lemon Cuticle Butter is made with loads of fresh lemons. The acid in the citrus is great for helping break up dry, rough skin like your cuticles. You can use this nifty little product for other areas as well. Knees, elbows, feet - a little goes a long way!

It takes a lot of squeezing to get all the juice out of these lemons!We want to expel every last bit of lemony goodness for this product.


We not only use the juice from the lemons, we also create an infusion by grating up the rind and soaking the spent lemon halves in hot water. This pulls out all of those lovely citrus components from rind.

Before using the lemon juice and infused lemon water, we have to strain it.

This recipe contains over 50% moisturizing butters and oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil. We then add a beautiful blend of pure essential oils that are not only beneficial to your skin, but have an amazing scent.

Get some here!

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