Whipped Body Balm Featuring Premium Shea Butter from Shea Radiance

We've reformulated our whipped body balm and this new recipes is a keeper!

This recipe features a premium shea butter from Shea Radiance. We love their shea butter, not only because of it's rich, creamy texture but because of their company values.  This shea butter helps the woman who create it make a living. It's processed using traditional methods passed down for generations by the women who create it.  You can read more about this amazing shea butter here.

We will be offering this luxury butter in eight different essential oil aromas in our new Ǽpothεcarγ skin care line. We package it in a biodegradable container (for daily use we suggest transferring it to a more sturdy container like a re-purposed cosmetic jar or baby food jar).

Whipping up a new batch Whipped Body Balm.

This whipped body butter (as well as our solid lotion bars) is a different "type" of moisturizer than one would be used to. It is created with out the use of water or emulsifiers, eliminating the need for preservative. This, in conjunction with the essential oil scents, makes the product 100% natural - something that can not be achieved with a traditional lotion or body butter.

This thick, rich, frosting-like butter is very rich and a little goes a long way!  It's great for extremely try areas. The women in Africa who create this gorgeous shea butter even use it to moisturize their face and hair.

Each scent is drizzled with various botanical oils giving each recipe a different twist - oils like hemp seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and grapeseed oil can also be found in these amazing body balms.

You can find these balms on our website here.

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