Lip Balm: New Labels and Flavor Profiles

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have our new lip balm labels!

The process has been a long one.  I wanted the new flavor collection to be just right.  I wanted the colors to be just right.
The proof we received for our labels.

We use a chevron pattern for the majority of our products. After seeing the design flaw in our lotion labels (color chevron on white background - too much contrast!) I went back to the drawing board and our new labels were born!

The labels arrived and I was so excited!
Rolls of our new lip balm labels.
So many fun flavors!

Our starting collection will consist of 12 flavors belonging to 4 different "lines" of flavor.

Boozy Balms: Absinthe, Hard Lemonade, Mojito
Cooling and Soothing: Peppermint Crack Stick, Vanilla Crack Stick, Chocolate Crack Stick
Sweet and Delicious: Huckleberry, Wild Cherry, Grape
Tropical Delights: Coconut, Mango,  Pineapple

Later this year, we will complete our lip balm flavors with the addition of 12 new flavors. Three flavors will be added to two of the flavor "lines" as well as the addition of a new "Cafe Collection":
Boozy Balms: Peach Bellini, Sangria, Moscow Mule
Sweet and Delicious: Nectarine, Pear, Strawberry
Cafe Collection: Chai Tea, Green Tea, White Rose Melange, Kona Coffee, Mocha, Hazelnut Latte.

You can purchase our lip balms at our new e-commerce website www.halosoap.com. We have them available as individual lip balm or in 3-Packs!

If you would like to get some of our products in your gift shop, spa or boutique, check out our Wholesale Program page and contact us via our website!

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