Tons of Soap!

I've been going crazy making butt loads of soap.  I let a few of scents dwindle a little too much and many of them are sold out before the new batches are even ready to be wrapped!  All of these batches are lined up along our back wall so that you can purchase them before their ready date.  (We'll attach a label with a 'don't use until' date.)

Here's what's waiting:
~ Verbena Bamboo
~ Ocean Rain
~ Gardenia - NEW!
~ Mauna Loa Volcano Soap
~ Soapy Clean
~ Pearberry
~ Hazelnut Coffee Soap
~ Citrus Splash
~ Red Clover Tea
~ Lilac
~ Dirt
~ Carrot Neem Face Soap

And I'm making more batches daily.  Sometimes multiple batches daily.

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