Finally, New Candles


I feel so bad because a surprisingly large number of people have been coming in looking for candles lately.  I admit, I didn't go too crazy making candles because they usually only sell well around the holidays.  However, more and more people have been coming in to purchase candles!  I think everyone is starting to realize how nice and clean soy wax candles burn compared to paraffin or even soy/paraffin blend candles.  And don't forget the price!  Compare Halo's prices to other big name candle brands and you'll see what I mean.

I know, I know, you can go to Wal-Mart and get candles the size of my $15 large candles for $5.  But have you noticed the quality of the candles you purchase at stores like that?  (or the lack of quality...) Those candles tend to tunnel, give off a waxy scent or no scent at all, or burn leaving lots of soot behind.  Not to mention Halo Soy Candles are made in America.  By an American.  So there's that.

Anyways, here's a list of the scents we recently stocked the shelves with:
*(M) means we also carry the scent in Moon Melts
~ Nag Champa (M) - EVERYONE loves this one!  It's super strong and a good unisex scent.
~ Lily of the Valley (M) - another really popular scent, especially in our lotion and body butter!
~ Frankincense and Myrrh - although you would usually associate this scent with Christmas, it has been really popular even after Christmas!  I've gotten requests for more of these candles and also for more of this scent in soap.  Which is also available at the shop.
~ Pearberry (M) - another much requested scent, we have this in our large and small candles as well as in Moon Melts and soap.
~ Juniper Breeze (M) - another popular scent.  We carry this scent in bath bombs and body butter and lotion, and now in candles and Moon Melts!
~ Jasmine (M) - a nice flower scent for spring in a lovely deep purple color.
~ Hazelnut - we make this scent in tea lights and since then we've been getting requests for candles.
~ Plumeria (M) - this Hawaiian flower scent was a slow seller for a while, but it is recently becoming more and more popular again.  We also have this lovely scent in soap and body lotion!
~ Red Apple (M) - This scent is great for spring and summer.  It's a nice fresh juicy apple scent.  Mouthwatering!
~ Lemon Verbena - I wanted to add another yellow colored candle to the mix so we now have Lemon Verbena in a candle scent!  It's not the same exactly fragrance that we use in our bar soap.  This scent has a stronger lemon bite.  It's very fresh smelling!

Read this post about properly burning soy candles.

Other candle scents to watch for soon: Ocean Breeze, Gardenia and Honeysuckle.  Plus a special edition spring scent! 

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