Mineral Sunblock

We have a new product at Halo Soap: Mineral Sunblock!   You can purchase this item through Etsy.

Our Mineral Sunblock comes in an easy to apply tube. There are no parabens, no chemicals, no dyes, and no fragrances. We use micronized titanium dioxide which means the particle size is so small that it doesn't create a visible layer of white on your skin. We've formulated this product so that is isn't greasy feeling. This product can be used by everyone and is especially great for kids and adults with sensitive skin.

Our ingredients are simple: micronized titanium dioxide (10%), fractionated coconut oil, candelilla wax, almond oil, cocoa butter and vitamin e.

None of these statements are verified by the FDA, but if you compare this product to the active ingredient (titanium dioxide) in other mineral sunblock sticks, you'll find that our product is just as effective and all natural. It's even half to a third the price of similar products that are out there!

After doing lots of research, there are a few things you should know about products made for sun exposure -

Sunblock vs. Sunsceen
Sunscreens - are chemical ingredients that protect your skin and prevent sunburn by absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays so that these rays are not absorbed by your skin. A mixture of various chemical sunscreens allow for the widest range of protection. Sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin. Sunscreen degrades faster than sunblock. Sunscreens are more cosmetically friendly because they are transparent upon application.
Sunblocks - are physical sun blocks, deflecting and dispersing the sun's rays it they hit your skin. They also block UVA and UVB rays. Sunblocks are better for sensitive skin since they are minerals, thus natural ingredients. The sun doesn't break down sunblock the way it breaks down sunscreen. Sunblocks aren't always the best ingredients cosmetically because they can appear slightly opaque on the skin if the particle size is not small enough.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
You may think that if you double the SPF, you double the sun protection. This is not true, however. SPF 15 blocks 92% of UV rays while SPF 30 blocks 97% of UV rays. A higher SPF just means you don't have to reapply it as often.

Apply your sunblock/sunscreen at least 15 minutes before initial sun exposure and reapply sunblock/sunscreen every 2 hours.

And here's a little tidbit about the difference between UVA and UVB rays:
~ UVB rays affect the top layers of the skin and are responsible for Burning
~ UVA rays affect the lower layers of the skin and are responsible for Aging

Ok, so that's my spiel on our newest sunblock product.  Keep an eye out for our dark tanning spray, a sunblock lotion and a daily face moisturizer with SPF!

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