Beer Soap for Father's Day

When I first made beer soap last year, it was a big hit.  Maybe not right away, but once the holidays started rolling around, everyone wanted beer soap.  By that time, all the soap I had made just for Father's Day was sold out.

This year, I wanted to have beer soap ready in time for Father's Day, but I've decided to start keeping beer soap in stock all the time!  What we're going to do here is keep cycling through various combinations of beer/fragrance until we start finding ones that people go crazy over or come back looking for.

Currently, we have the following beer soaps available:
  • Black Cherry Beer Soap - made with Farmhouse Ale Lazy Mutt
  • Clean Cotton Beer Soap - made with Milwaukee's Brewing Co. Louie's Demise Ale
  • Hazelnut Beer Soap - made with New Glarus Coffee Stout
  • Mauna Loa Beer Soap - made with Monkey Wheat Ale
Stop in and let me know which is your favorite one!

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