I'm currently working on making a lovely selection of fun, practical aprons.  They are 100% cotton so they are easy to wash and they are reversible!  I'll be making a few different types and styles including those with and with out bibs.  The one I just finished today is a large sized bib apron.  (Don't let sizes fool you, they tie around your waist and have a few different options for neck tie sizes so really, anyone can wear them!)

This particular apron is made with a swirly floral print in shades of green and brown on a white background with a contrasting fabric that is a simple tiny polka dot pattern of white on brown.

Once I get a good collection of aprons made, I will put them on my website where they will be linked to my Etsy Shop.  In the mean time, you can come see them in person at Halo Soap and Products.

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