Cold Sore Stopper

Our newest favorite product at the shop is the Cold Sore Stopper. This little bottle is packed full with herbs and botanicals said to help reduce the effects of cold sores as well as help keep them from breaking through in the first place!

This magical little bottle is filled with an organic sunflower infusion of lemon balm (sweet melissa) + various essential oils including chamomile, tea tree, lavender and geranium.

When you feel a cold sore brewing, just a drop or two of this 100% natural herbal blend can help stop that cold sore from even popping up.

We've had quite a few people test this product before offering it at our shop and so far the feedback has been amazing! If you've used this product, please leave a review in the comments below.

If you'd like to try this product, you can find it in our Etsy shop here.

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