Maker Monday: Gentle Lavender Face Cream

Since adding it to our skin care line almost a year ago, our Gentle Lavender Face Cream has been catching up in popularity with the face creams in our Rose Skin Care line.

This product features organic lavender hydrosol with a little Roman chamomile hydrosol.
DISCLAIMER: I do feel the need to point out that as of this post, our current batch of lavender hydrosol has a more medicinal smell than a floral smell. While this slightly changes the scent straight from the jar, application of the product leaves you with a light lavender scent associated with the Bulgarian Lavender essential oil.

One key ingredient that gives this face cream a unique feel is the Xanthan gum mixture. It helps keep our emulsion more stable and makes the cream have a slight "gel" feel.

The Gentle Lavender Face Cream is a product in our Floral Skin Care line - a line for more sensitive skin types.

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