Product Review: Mauna Loa Volcano Soap

One of my favorite soaps from Halo Soap is the Mauna Loa Volcano Soap. 

The first thing I notice when I open it up is the smell. The smell is absolutely perfect! The fruity smell is unisex, so I can still smell like a guy after my showers.

The second thing I notice is the texture. I love having a soap with a scrubby feel to it and pumice already in it. Mauna Loa is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but its still rough enough to get the dirt off me after a long day at work or working in the yard.

Overall, this soap is perfect for me and I plan on using it as long as its available from Halo Soap. Not only does it look good in its newly designed labels and with the soaps swirled mix of black and white color, its an all around great bar of soap for anyone!

Don't just take my word for it, check it out here and try it yourself!

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