Himalayan Pink Grapefruit Salt Soap

We're finally bringing the salt soaps back!  For our first batch this season, we've created a lovely Himalayan Pink Grapefruit Salt Soap.  We've used a tart pink grapefruit fragrance oil blended with a more floral citrus note.  This batch is made with tons and tons of pink Himalayan salt.

Salt soaps are super hard bars of soap and feel like a smooth river stone when you use them.  They are great deodorizing bars and help keep the surface of your skin dry in the warm summer months.  Best of all, we've formulated our soap so that it has a nice bubbly lather with out drying out your skin!

Here is a picture of this soap in the mold.  Your typical batch of cold process soap needs to sit in the mold for close to a day before it can be unmolded and cut into bars.  This is not the case with salt soaps!  Since the bars become so hard, they are difficult to cut and crumble if you wait too long!  This batch was cut with in a few hours of unmolding it.  This process has to be done very carefully so that the log isn't dented too much during handling.  We are only able to make this soap in 10 bar batches at a time.  It's a time consuming process, especially when trying to keep up with orders, but the final result is well worth the trouble!

Here is a picture of the beautiful color of the pink Himalayan salt that we use in this soap.

Watch our Etsy shop and our website for this soap to be available for purchase!

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