Rose Water Toner

This toner is made with rose water, which has excellent soothing effects, can improve the condition of dry and aging skin, as well as cleanse, purify and tone skin, and reduce swelling and redness.

Toner removes excess oil on the surface of the skin.  It tightens and strengthens the skin as well.  Rose water is a gentle, effective toner while witch hazel acts as a mild astringent.  Rose water is great for all skin types and mature, aging skin.  You can spray this product directly on your face or on a cotton ball to wipe over your face after cleansing, before cream application.  You can also carry this product with you for spraying a refreshing application on your skin through out the day.  This product comes in a plastic recyclable (#1) bottle and a spray pump top with over 4 ounces of product.

Ingredients: rose water, distilled water, liquid glygerin and witch hazel.

You can get a sample here. Or try our new Lavender and Chamomile toner here.

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