Wedding Favors

Now available at Halo Soap - wedding favors! And you don't have to live near our shop to have an active part in designing your favors because we ship samples before and throughout the process.

Well, we always had wedding favors available, but now the process is a little more streamlined.  Before, we would talk about different options, then I would have to put together a mock up, email you pictures, you'd come in a few times, check thing out, blah, blah blah.  Now there are actually pictures ready and price lists and this makes it a bit easier!  I don't have all the possible ribbon choices on hand, but as time goes on and as orders are placed, I hope to get a nice stock pile of ribbons for brides to choose from.

These don't have to be just for wedding favors!  They can be for the bridal shower, baby showers, birthdays, whatever.

You can get a wide variety of personalized labels.  Here's a package options for 78 favors.

I have a bunch of different styles designed and can work with you on different designs if you are looking for something I don't have.

There are various sized favor packaged available.  Here's one for 38 favors.
If you check out these favors listed on Etsy, you have the option to purchase a sample package for $8 which comes with your choice of a few different ribbon colors, a few scent options, two random soap samples wrapped and labeled so you can get a feel for the size, and extra sheets of our wrapping paper so you can see how the paper contrasts with the ribbon and with the rest of your color theme.  Also, if you purchase a sample package and decide to go with our one of our favor packages, you'll get $8 off the favor package.

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