It's Always Time for Wrist Warmers!

I love wrist warmers.  I love wearing them, making them, gifting them... and it's always wrist warmer season!  Do you have a job where you are always in a cold office building no matter the outside temperature?  Wear wrist warmers.  Do you want to spunk up an outfit with a funky accessory? Wear wrist warmers.

Speaking of wrist warmers, here is a great place to buy them!  They are wonderfully priced and best of all they are handmade.  Buy purchasing any of these wrist warmers, you are helping an American artist.  Stop sending your money to China and Indonesia by purchasing crap from Wal-Mart!  Instead, buy some of these:


  1. These are adorable, and if I had the money to buy them, I would in a heartbeat!

  2. I make (and sell) my own wrist warmers, but I bought a darling set of Mary Jane slippers to wear around the apartment. :D