New Batches of Bath Bombs

We just got a nice new batch of bath bombs in the shop!

Have you ever heard of Lush Handmade Cosmetics?  They make some pretty spectacular bath bombs and other bath and body goodies.  But have you seen the outrageous prices on their products? Our bath bombs are just as wonderful and at a fraction of the price!  Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Our bath bombs are made with almond oil for moisture and epsom salts to make a great bath soak!  What was that?  You don't usually take baths?  Then smash up one of our amazing bath bombs and use them for a foot soak!  After smashing it up, one bath bomb can be good for 2-3 foot soaks depending on how potent you like the water.

We just brought three new batches into the shop: Citrus Splash, Juniper Breeze and Red Clover Tea.  All scents are super strong and delicious.  You can also get matching scents in other products!  Citrus Splash Bar Soap is one of our most popular soaps.  Red Clover Tea Soy Jar Candles or Moon Melts make a room smell wonderful.  Juniper Breeze can also be purchased in body butter and body lotion.

You can find more information about our products on the website.
Or if you live in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, come to our brick and motar shop!

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